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Bringing Anti-Racism to Your Clinical Practice

Facilitated by Carlin Quinn, LMFT

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“When whites are unaware of or disown whiteness and white group dominance, ignorance becomes harmful.”

~ Ruth King

Developing embodied anti-racism within yourself and within your clinical practice.

As clinicians we are asked to hold the experience of our clients with empathy and understanding yet many of the theories of change we are taught in the field of psychotherapy are framed from a white western colonial mindset and we are taught to assess health and pathology through this lens. In these two days we will explore different approaches to therapeutic work through an anti-racist framework. We will utilize and apply critical race theory to our thinking and our relational approach to better understand our own white socialization and the way it impacts the way we understand our clients. 

This workshop is for therapists who identify as white and who have foundational racial analysis. This means you understand white supremacy is a major system of oppression and you have an understanding of its far reaching influence in American and European society and culture. 

In our time together we will consider what it means to approach clinical work through an intersectional lens, we will learn about the impact of “fields of whiteness” as they exist in the clinical world, in clinical training programs, in agency work and in our private practices. This will be a combination of lecture, case examples, and personal individual analysis of how white supremacy lives in us as white clinicians.

“Whiteness is like an octopus. It has its tentacles in everything; it is far reaching, slippery, and smart, and when it doesn’t like something it can cloud the space with its defenses and quickly escape interrogation.”

~ Carlin Quinn, LMFT

Important Registration Details

  • This workshop is geared towards clinicians who are actively seeing clients, supervisors, clinical program directors, licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals.
  • Attendance for both days is required
  • Maximum of 30 participants
  • September
    9th / 9am - 4pm PST
    10th / 9am - 4pm PST


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