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Communal Consultations
for White & white passing Bodies:
Year ONE

Carlin Quinn & Jennifer-Lee Koble

with Guest Appearances by Resmaa Menakem

February – November 2023

This offering is for those new to ERE’s communal consultations in somatic abolitionism.  For those who have already attended a RCCWB in prior years (2021 or 2022) please click here to be transferred to RCCWB Year 2+ registration page.

A 9-month journey of communal practice in Somatic Abolitionism With Carlin Quinn, Jennifer-Lee Koble and guest appearances by Resmaa Menakem

Countering white body supremacy and the restoration of wholeness for Black, indigenous and all other bodies of culture requires white bodies take an embodied approach to consciousness and healing. Cognition is ineffective in dealing with white body supremacy because it shows up in the way we move through space and time. Any project, strategy, scheme or idea that is not embodied will be tossed into the cultural bonfire of “Curing Race-ism.” The roots of white body supremacy run deep and are implicit to our experience. It’s from our embodied experience, therefore, that our work begins.

The “reparative” nature of these communal consultations for white bodies has meaning on multiple levels. First, the healing of white body supremacy, within white bodies and white community spaces, is a reparative act that is our collective responsibility. These reparations move forwards and backwards in time, repairing the impact our ancestors had on passing white body supremacy to our generation. simultaneously, in healing white body supremacy within this generation we break the chain and it is stopped from being passed down to future generations.

Second, ERE is committed to the redirection of financial resources back to those whose communities were most impacted by white supremacy and colonialism. Part of our financial living practice is that a majority of the income from this event will go to Indigenous and Black led land based community projects across the globe, which focus on the preservation and restoration of their culture and communities.

 What is a communal consultation?

Through establishing a communal container we will tend to the ways white body supremacy moves through us individually and collectively. We will work together to dismantle and heal the impact of white body supremacy on ourselves and our people. This in turn will support us to cause less harm across race and culture. We will learn what it means to stay together, through the fire of trigger and when the impulse towards separation surfaces. This will be a collective learning space where white bodies, all holding different social locations, will lean into building culture through engaging embodied practices, together. 

What is the commitment?

As the kick off to the communal consultations we require all registrants to attend our February 2023 Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism course with Resmaa Menakem, Jennifer-Lee Koble, Ja Young Ahn-Williams & Carlin Quinn and the corresponding retention spaces offered the following week. This event offers a foundational base for cultivating a practice of somatic abolitionism personally and communally and will serve as the foundation for our work moving forward. For white bodies, please note this is a two day event – 8th & 9th along with the retention space the following week. 

Following the foundations course, the commitment includes attending the communal session once a month for two hours and 1-2 meetings a month with your communal triad (which will be assigned) to work the practices in between our larger group sessions.  

Please note we do track attendance for these meetings and ask that participants do not miss more than 2 out of 8 in person sessions throughout the 9 months. Also note that triad work is required as is attendance in the February FSA 2023.

Who is this for?

Reparative Communal Consultations: Year 1  is for people who have not attended our communal consultations in the past and identify as white and move through the world in a White Body. It is also open to people who may be mixed race or mixed heritage and yet experience white privilege in their daily lives. This group is open to men and women, queer, trans and non-binary identities. We intend for this to be an inclusive space and wish for all bodies to feel welcome and nourished.

For Indigenous, Black, Asian, Latine, brown or any other Body of Culture, we ask that you join the Communal Consultations for Bodies of Culture (CCBOC).

For white passing bodies of culture, we realize that part of the strategy of white body supremacy is to erase culture and dilute meaning. We ask that people who walk through the world with white privilege and have a lived experience of being treated as white in the world, please attend the group for white bodies. For those who are white passing and live as a body of culture in the world, please feel free to join the BOC group with the recognition that both your proximity to whiteness and your experience as a body of culture will be asked to be worked with.

“When white Americans build culture that is sane and loving, they will no longer feel a need to exclude people of color from it. Ultimately, whiteness must transform race to culture. Once this has been achieved, it can begin to transform from culture into community.”

~ Resmaa Menakem

Important Registration Details

$1200-$2,500 USD

Maximum of 150 participants.


Participants have three options to pay

Option 1:

Payment in full at time of registration.

*Option 2:

Pay in 2 monthly installments (this option is available until December 15th).

*Option 3:

Pay in 3 monthly installments (this option is available until November 30th).

*All payment plan payments will be fulfilled by January 15th, 2023.  In order to qualify for the payment plan option, you must consent to have your card automatically charged each month for your two or three payments.  


ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT:  All participants are required to attend the Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism course in February 2023 (it is included in your RCCWB tuition), and attend LIVE a minimum of 6 out of the 8 monthly sessions. Participants are also required to meet monthly with their assigned triads. We will be tracking attendance.


Recordings of sessions will be made available for private use only for two weeks following each session and will not be available after that.

These offerings are being offered online held over Zoom. Please come prepared to be fully present in a non-public space. Please do not attend while driving in your car.

  • February 2023
    8th / 8am - 2pm PT
    Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism Course
    Mandatory session for White Bodies with Carlin Quinn

    9th / 8am - 4pm PT
    Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism Course
    Session for All Bodies with Resmaa Menakem

    15th / 9am - 10:30am PT
    Retention Space for White Bodies with Carlin Quinn

  • March 2023
    2nd / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • April 2023
    13th / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • May 2023
    11th / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • June 2023
    15th / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • July 2023
    20th / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • September 2023
    21st / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • October 2023
    12th / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies
  • November 2023
    2nd / 9am - 11am PT
    Reparative Communal Consultation For White & White Passing Bodies

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Refund / Dispute Policies

Cancellations requested up to 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 administration fee.

Cancellations requested within 14 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.


Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as “EDU for Racial Equity”.  If your payment is disputed with your credit card company – we will be passing the $15 service fee that Stripe charges us for that process to the registrant.

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