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Co-Facilitated by Alnoor Ladha & Carlin Quinn


Special Guests

Alixa Garcia | Bayo Akomolafe | Tiokasin Ghosthorse | Orland Bishop | Vanessa Andreotti | Brontë Velez | Jason Hickel | Resmaa Menakem | Lynn Murphy | Claudio Miranda | V (formerly known as Eve Ensler)

Cultivate radical understanding, love and resilience in the midst of the Anthropocene

A four-month communal exploration through our current epoch in time which can also be described as the Anthropocene, the meta-crisis, the Kali Yuga, or the end of the world as we know it.

The aim of this course is to create a deeper collective understanding of the current crisis moment, how we situate ourselves within it, and how to cultivate practices to deepen empathy, resilience, and collective  liberation. The course will help cultivate equity consciousness, expose the underpinnings of our economic system(s), foster deeper ecological interconnectedness, and co-develop “contextually relevant” etiquette (the manner in which we approach and interact with other beings, human and more-than-human). We will examine our unconscious agreements with the political economy and connect the dots between equity, economy, ecology and etiquette. 

This course will offer analysis of intersecting systems of oppression, their various entanglements, and suggest possibilities of what may be needed to dismantle them within our own bodies, our communities, and the broader culture-at-large. We will offer theoretical frameworks that are anchored in concrete, embodied practices to create the lived possibilities needed for our collective survival with the Earth.

Each module will consist of a three-hour discourse session (with guest speakers) with the full group of up to 100 people. There will be  separate, more intimate two-hour dialogue/integration sessions in smaller cohorts of up to 50 people each, facilitated by co-facilitators Carlin Quinn and Alnoor Ladha. Please choose the cohort that works best for your schedule. 

Discourse Sessions (All Cohorts): One Saturday/Month, 9am-12pm PST

Cohort A: One Additional Saturday/Month, 9am-11am PST, plus one Sunday in December 9am-11am PST

Cohort B: One Monday/Month, 9am-11am PST, plus one Sunday in December 9am-11am PST 

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Important Application & Payment Details

$800 – $3,000 


TO APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP – Be sure to submit a program application in addition to your scholarship application.  Link to the scholarship application found on the form below.


These offerings are being offered online held over Zoom. Please come prepared to be fully present in a non-public space. Please do not attend while driving in your car. 

  • September 2022
    3rd / 9am - 12pm PDT
    Module 1 : w/ Alnoor & Carlin
    Guest Speaker: Tiokasin Ghosthorse

    17th / 9am - 11am PDT
    communal cohort A: w/ Alnoor & Carlin
    guest facilitator: Alixa garcia

    19th / 9am - 11am PDT
    communal cohort B: w/ Alnoor & Carlin
    guest faciliator: Alixa garcia
  • October 2022
    1st / 9am - 12pm PDT
    Module 2 : w/ Guest Speakers Orland bishop, Lynn Murphy & Jason Hickel

    15th / 9am - 11am PDT
    Communal Cohort A: w/ Alnoor & Carlin

    17th / 9am - 11am PDT
    Communal Cohort B: w/ alnoor & carlin
  • November 2022
    5th / 9am - 12pm PDT
    Module 3: w/ guest speakers Resmaa Menakem, claudio miranda & brontë velez

    19th / 9am - 11am PST
    Communal Cohort A: w/ alnoor & carlin

    21st / 9am - 11am PST
    Communal Cohort B: w/ alnoor & carlin
  • December 2022
    3rd / 9am - 12pm PST
    Module 4: w/ guest speakers Bayo akomalofe, Vanessa Andreotti, & V (formerly known as Eve Ensler)

    4th / 9am - 11am PST
    Closing Communal Session cohorts A & B:
    w/ alnoor & carlin
    guest speaker: tiokasin ghosthorse

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Cancellations requested up to 30 days prior to the event are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 administration fee.

Cancellations requested up to 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a 50% refund.

Cancellations requested within 14 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.


Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as “EDU for Racial Equity”.  If your payment is disputed with your credit card company – we will be passing the $15 service fee that Stripe charges us for that process to the registrant.

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