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A Course on the imaginal:



with Alixa Garcia

dates for 2024 coming soon!

Saturday and Sunday sessions

Our Offerings

In the face of compounding historical and present-day traumas, environmental collapse, and chronic uncertainty, we know as a species that we need something radically different, yet, many of us feel the pain of not knowing where to begin. In nature, we find the ultimate creative force. Her powerful teachings serve our awakening towards something beyond the catastrophic urgencies of the now. This course will explore and exercise our creative muscle to strengthen our visionary selves. When we encounter and encourage the wild dance of the artist within, the imaginative self becomes part of the visionary collective needed for these times. 


During our twelve weeks together, we will work with our bodies through what Alixa García calls Creativity Infused Somatic Practices to help move trauma through the body by consciously activating our relationship with nature and the creative force. In this time of deep injustice on multiple social and ecological fronts, this course explores intersectional equity through the lens of the Imaginal. In times of collapse, how do we fall without falling apart?

We will sit with grief as ceremony; coax the artist within; exercise and play with our intuitive body so that we may readily access intuition and come to trust it; visit ancestral, present, and future selves; recenter the Earth and bring into focus our cosmic responsibility; activate enchantment in times of collapse. By centralizing art and creative writing as political and spiritual practices, we will reintegrate creativity as the means by which we commune.


“After decades of doing anti-racist work, Alixa’s course showed me how to enter entirely new creative, imaginal dimensions of self, community, and spirit.” – 2022 participant


Creativity is the antidote to destruction. When we create with intention, our creations become the invocation, and the space inside and between us becomes the sanctuary. In the heart of the 6th mass extinction, how do we awaken the Imaginal within? 

Come, let us sit together in circles of wonder and creative devotion in this 3-month journey.

“Behind the ethnographic journey towards wonder

a new cosmology cracks into existence

leaving behind the reductionist

the easy arrival

the answer “worth” giving.

The death of our illusions leaves us imaginal.”

-Alixa Garcia

Participation & Payment Details


$800 – $3,000* 

(Please pay as high on the sliding scale as possible)

*This course engages in a Solidarity Economy model and cycles back 50% of tuition to those on the frontlines doing crucial healing work with the Earth. Because of last year’s course, and with the incredible match by Education For Racial Equity’s distribution fund, we were able to send $45K to three incredible Indigenous women and youth-led organizations in the Ecuadorian Amazon and La Guajira, Colombia. Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuú (Colombia),  Mujeres Amazónicas (Ecuador), Jovenes en Defensa de la Amazonia (Ecuador). 

Option 1:

Payment in full at time of registration.

*Option 2:

Pay in 2 monthly installments (this option is available until August 1st, 2023).

*Option 3:

Pay in 3 monthly installments (this option is available until July 1st, 2023).

*All payment plan payments must be fulfilled by September 1st, 2023.  In order to qualify for the payment plan option, you must consent to have your card automatically charged each month for your two or three payments.  

Scholarships are available – see form below for link to scholarship application.  All are welcome to apply and we will be prioritizing Indigenous, Black and POC.


Please ensure you can be 100% available to participate when present. We ask that you be on camera as much as possible as the next-best alternative to not being in the room; this will help us to feel each others’ presence and deepen. The sessions will not be recorded to make room for full authenticity without the fear of being frozen in time.

The course centers somatics, so please be ready to engage your body. There will be a range of practices and options accessible to people of different abilities. Please note that we are intentionally working with the body since somatics is at the core of this creative work.

Two invitations:  Processing and integration happens between the main sessions on an individual and group level. For this reason, participants will be assigned to a Triad and given by-weekly take-home practices where you can deepen outside of the main sessions. These are invitations. You only need to participate in a Triad if you wish, though we highly encourage it.

Optional Triads:  meet once between sessions. When and how long they meet will be determined by its participants. Triads will change once during the length of the course.


THIS OFFERING IS BEING OFFERED VIRTUALLY VIA ZOOM.  It is experiential and requires a live presence. We will not be recording the sessions.




“Alixa García’s Course on the Imaginal took all of us on a grand journey into our imaginations, into our individual and collective trauma and grief, into the arms of our ancestors, into a collective, collaborative vision of possibility and world-building. It was, in a few words, magic alchemy in a time of collective and individual grief, fear, and loss. After decades of doing anti-racist work, Alixa’s course showed me how to enter entirely new creative, imaginal dimensions of self, community, and spirit. This was one of the most beautiful, moving, collective and individual journeys I have ever been on. Whole universes opened up inside of me, and I was so honored to witness whole universes open up in my fellow imaginals too. Alixa is a magical alchemist of the most unique and wonderful order. Pure poetry!”   Camas Davis


“This course, with the inspiring guidance provided, literally changed my whole life. I have eyes to see and ears that do hear what has always been available to me, but I lacked the knowledge, insight, or capacity to access it before taking this course. With Alixa’s compassionate, wisdom-rich, and humble leadership, we journeyed on a path of self and communal discovery that opened my heart and mind to an expansive universe of divine greatness that has been waiting for me to acknowledge. I found the key to unlock the doors I had previously knocked on or wondered about, and I am forever gratefully changed.”   – Kimberly Cato


“Do it! The experience will change you and your life in unimaginable and unanticipated ways! Whatever you are bringing or showing up with is exactly what you need to be with—all of it feels welcome and held with spaciousness while also being challenging beyond expectation. This is some of the most important medicine our world needs as we face the Sixth Mass Extinction and the breaking apart of modernity and coloniality.”   – Cristien Storm

  • September 2023
    9th / 9am - 1pm PT
    An Invitation to Fail: Coaxing the Artist Within

    10th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    The Imaginal: Making a Home for Intuition & Soul Commitments

  • October 2023
    7th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Ancestral Tending I

    8th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Ancestral Tending II

    21st / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Trauma is the Doorway

    22nd / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Grief As Ceremony

  • November 2023
    4th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Encantamiento: The Song of Enchantment

    5th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Trickster Trickster

    18th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Creating Spirit Cards I

    19th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Creating Spirit Cards II

  • December 2023
    2nd / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Visionary Futures I

    3rd / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    Visionary Futures II

    9th / 9:30am - 1pm PT
    The Unfolding

THIS course has been postponed until january 2024 – we will have more information and dates available by the end of September 2023. Thank you for your patience!

Refund / Dispute Policies

Cancellations requested up to 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 administration fee.

Cancellations requested within 14 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.

Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as “EDU for Racial Equity”.  If your payment is disputed with your credit card company – we will be passing the $15 service fee that Stripe charges us for that process to the registrant.

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