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An opportunity for white and white passing bodies to begin the work of building embodied anti-racist culture, together.

With Carlin Quinn

with special guests Jennifer-Lee Koble & Resmaa Menakem

December 8 – 11, 2023

9am – 1pm PDT / 11am – 3pm CDT / 12pm – 4pm EDT each day

What does it mean for White bodies to develop embodied anti-racist culture?

In this course, we will engage the practices of somatic abolitionism to begin to build embodied anti-racist culture as white bodies, together.

A culture and community born from White Body Supremacy results in a culture of separation, individualism, brutality, domination, disconnection, extraction, apathy and dehumanization of non-white bodies. As white bodies practicing somatic abolitionism, we come together to work with the patterns and embodied lineages of harm we have inherited from white supremacist culture. embodied anti-racist culture togetether. We do this collectively and communally. 

This course is a next step for those who completed the Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism course with Resmaa Menakem and Carlin Quinn and who wish to go deeper. It will provide  a space for white bodies to further their anti-racist work in themselves and with each other through honest dialogue and somatic sensing. By developing our ability to sense white body supremacy in our own bodies and in the field around us, we will begin to name it collectively from a place of connection and fierce, loving accountability.

Structural and systemic understanding of white supremacy is essential and important. Simultaneously living the practices of somatic abolitionism support us to address equity from an embodied and intersectional framework where we can then begin to create culture and build the communal glue to hold healing possibilities for future generations.  

In this course, we will address the trauma of white body supremacy and the legacies and lineages of trauma white bodies have inherited. We will work with the practices of somatic abolitionism to begin to build embodied anti-racist culture as white bodies, together. We will explore what it means to integrate the cultural somatic practices, the practice of soul scribing and tracking VIMBASI to develop “a thick skin, fortified mindset, and a malleable heart.”  There will be a combination of lecture, group process, guest speakers, one-on-one exercises, and triad work.


December 8 – 11: 9am-1pm PT / 11am-3pm CT / 12pm-4pm ET 

What is the difference between Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), Anti-Racism, & Embodied Anti-Racism?

DEI work typically focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion at an organizational level, but does not tend to examine the personal, somatic, communal, and systemic patterns through an embodied and relational lens.

Somatic Abolitionism is focused on developing embodied anti-racist culture personally and communally. This work asks you to look inward and to be available for deep and ongoing transformation.

Application & Payment Details

$550 – $900 USD


(Please pay as high on the sliding scale as possible)


All participants must successfully complete the Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism (FSA) course before registering. The registration form will ask in what month and year you completed the FSA. If you have not already done so, you can sign up for an upcoming FSA here.


Attendance for all four days is required.


Maximum of 55 participants.

Partial scholarships are available – option to apply is in the registration form.


This course will be held online over Zoom. 

  • September 2022
    3rd / 9am - 12pm PDT

    17th / 9am - 11am PDT
    Communal Cohort A

    19th / 9am - 11am PDT
    Communal Cohort B
  • October 2022
    1st / 9am - 12pm PDT

    15th / 9am - 11am PDT
    Communal Cohort A

    17th / 9am - 11am PDT
    Communal Cohort B
  • November 2022
    5th / 9am - 12pm PDT

    19th / 9am - 11am PST
    Communal Cohort A

    21st / 9am - 11am PST
    Communal Cohort B
  • December 2022
    3rd / 9am - 12pm PST

    4th / 9am - 11am PST
    Closing Communal Session cohorts A & B


Refund /  DISPUTE Policies

Cancellations requested up to 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 administration fee.

Cancellations requested within 14 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.

Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as “EDU for Racial Equity”.  If your payment is disputed with your credit card company – we will be passing the $15 service fee that Stripe charges us for that process to the registrant.

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