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Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism

With Resmaa Menakem
co-facilitated by Carlin Quinn

SEPTember & October 2022

Embodied anti-racist practice and process of culture building

Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism (FSA)

Somatic Abolitionism is an embodied anti-racist practice and process of culture building. This event offers a foundational base for developing the skills to cultivate somatic abolitionism personally and communally. This course is available to the general public.

Somatic Abolitionism is an emergent process, and a form of maturation into a more integrated human experience. It is an embodied anti-racist practice of cultural building. It is a way of being in the world.  It is a return to the age-old wisdom of human bodies respecting, honoring, and resonating with other human bodies.  

Somatic Abolitionism is not a human invention. It is the process of resourcing energies that are always present within one’s body, the collective body, and the world. 

“Trauma decontextualized in a person looks like personality. Trauma decontextualized in a family looks like family traits. Trauma decontextualized in people looks like culture.”

~ Resmaa Menakem

Author of NY Times Best Seller – “My Grandmother’s Hands”

Important Registration Details

Please note: FSA’s are stand-alone events offered throughout 2022. This is not a series.


$200-$350 for bodies of culture 

$350-$600 for white and white passing bodies

(please register based on your body designation)




All self-identified Bodies of Culture and Black bodies are invited to join Day 2 w/ Resmaa Menakem of the July & October offerings. If you prefer to be in a space w/out white bodies, please register for either the June or September offerings (which are for Bodies of Culture &Black Bodies ONLY).


 Day 1 w/ Carlin Quinn and Day 2 with Resmaa Menakem are mandatory for white bodies. If you miss day one, you will not be admitted to day two.  

Please note: If you identify as a body of culture who is white passing or were socialized as white, you are invited to register for both days or just for the one with Resmaa.



Once you select your body designation on the registration form, the sliding scale option & scholarship application will appear. Each FSA will be open for scholarship applications up until two weeks prior to its start date.


 If you wish to receive a certificate of completion, you will need to attend at least 5 out of 6 hours of day one (if you are white bodied) and 7 out of 8 hours of day two (for white bodies and bodies of culture), as well as the mandatory retention space the following week.  


Recordings for this offering will not be provided 


This offering will be held online on zoom

  • September FSA
    Black Bodies and Bodies of Culture Only
    (Registration closes September 5th )
    8th / 9am - 1:30pm PDT
    session one w/ Resmaa

    9th / 9am - 1:30pm PDT
    Session Two w/ Resmaa

    15th / 12pm - 1:30pm PDT
    retention space for all bodies of culture w/ Resmaa
  • October FSA
    (Registration closes October 9th)
    12th / 8am - 2pm PDT
    Mandatory session for white bodies w/ carlin

    13th / 8am - 4pm PDT
    Session for all bodies w/ Resmaa
    (includes all bodies of culture & white bodies)

    19th / 9am - 11am PDT
    retention space for white bodies w/ carlin

    20th / 12pm - 1:30pm PDT
    retention space for all bodies of culture w/ resmaa

Registration is Open

 Refunds  /  cancellations  /  transfers 

Cancellations requested up to 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 administration fee.

Cancellations  requested within 14 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.

Transfers to a different event date are available up until 7 days prior to the event.