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A Series of Conversations on Liberation – Black Cosmos – Imagination

ERE Co-facilitator-Resmaa

In Conversation with Resmaa Menakem

June 1st – 3rd, 2023

With Very Special Guests

Rev. angel Kyodo williams | Bayo Akomolafe | Nova Reid | Ozioma Egwuonwu | Alixa Garcia | Andrea Caupain Sanderson | Edwin Cleophas | brontë velez | Milicent Johnson | Angel Acosta

This series will explore Liberatory connectedness, Blackness as cosmological philosophy, and Imaginative Intelligence.

In this time together, we will dive into realms going beyond the conventional constructs of race, colonization and decolonization.

We are inviting some of the most inspiring and edge walking Black visionaries to EXPLORE and INQUIRE into the questions:

What are the wounds, kinks, and places that make us bend and become more malleable as we create a living embodied anti-racist culture?

I have invited my dear friends, people I care for and respect to join me in addressing some of the following questions:

What if the boxes we, as black bodies, are navigating within didn’t exist?

What if the box of white body supremacy didn’t exist? How would we move?

Who would we be?

What would we create?

What could reality look like? 

If we didn’t have the box of Religiosity, of grievance, of perfection or excellence — 

what would culture for black bodies look like? 

During these three days we will explore Blackness from a place of principle, philosophy and cosmology not just nationality or pigmentation.




Important Registration & Payment Details

SLIDING SCALE for Bodies of culture:

Per Day: $120 – $300 USD

All Three Days: $300 – $500 USD


SLIDING SCALE for Black Bodies:

Per Day: $90 – $200 USD

All Three Days: $200 – $500 USD


SLIDING SCALE for white & white padding bodies:

Per Day: $150 – $350 USD

All Three Days: $375 – $800 USD



We invite you to join us for one, two or all three days of this experimental journey.  

Each session will be between 45-55 minutes in length.


These offerings are being offered online held over Zoom. Recordings will be made available for viewing for two weeks following the event.

  • June 1st
    8am pt / 11am ET / 4pm wet:
    Opening with Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Zen priest, Rōshi

    9am pt / 12pm ET / 5pm wet:
    brontë velez

    10am pt / 1pm ET / 6pm wet:
    Nova Reid
  • June 2nd
    8am pt / 11am ET / 4pm wet:
    Bayo Akomolafe

    9am pt / 12pm ET / 5pm wet:
    Alixa Garcia

    10am pt / 1pm ET / 6pm wet:
    Andrea Caupain Sanderson

    11am pt / 2pm ET / 7pm wet:
    Angel Acosta

  • June 3rd
    10am pt / 1pm ET / 6pm wet:
    Ozioma Egwuonwu

    11am pt / 2pm ET / 7pm wet:
    Edwin Cleophas

    12pm pt / 3pm ET / 8pm wet:
    Closing with Milicent Johnson

Registration is open until June 1st – all are welcome.

Refund / Dispute Policies

Cancellations requested up to 30 days prior to the event are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 administration fee.

Cancellations requested up to 14 days prior to the event are eligible for a 50% refund.

Cancellations requested within 14 days of the event are not eligible for a refund.


Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as “EDU for Racial Equity”.  If your payment is disputed with your credit card company – we will be passing the $15 service fee that Stripe charges us for that process to the registrant.

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