Culture of
Care & Repair

Money is like water; it’s a precious, life-giving resource. Money should be a tool of love that facilitates relationships and helps us thrive, rather than something that hurts and divides us. If we use it for sacred, life-giving, restorative purposes, it can be medicine.

~ Edgar Villanueva

We envision

Our Economy

A culture of care and repair in which all people have the resources they need to thrive. We take an active role in co-creating this vision by channeling our revenues to Indigenous and Black-led initiatives with a focus on land based projects. We also organize direct action fundraisers to care for the needs of those most vulnerable and impacted by the intersection of white supremacy and capitalism.

We are interested in more than just wealth redistribution. We are guided by the vision of bringing love and care into the resource of money, to transform it’s history tied to extraction and exploitation, and to send it into communal fields that bring their healing to the earth and to community. 

We consciously work to bridge between the worlds of capitalistic transactional economy and access-oriented, community centered, gift economy. We model our relationship to the healing of money on the teachings of Orland Bishop, founder of Shadetree Multicultural Foundation. Our practice is to be in relationship with the history, the healing, and the future of money– and to listen closely for where it wants to move to serve life and the earth.

ERE’s Advisory Council

Determines where to distribute the post production profits. The Advisory Council prioritizes projects that are focused on returning land and access to Indigenous and Black-led initiatives across turtle island, and internationally.

Our post-production earnings are distributed to BIPOC-led organizations, in solidarity and in contact with leaders of color in our networks.

Our revenue has been
distributed toward…

Indigenous Peoples Land Tax
Solidary Fundraising
Resmaa Menakem: Projects in Somatic Abolitionism
Redirecting Money Flow: To BIPOC Orgs
Our revenue has been distributed toward

We are guided by the principles of…


Interwoven Systems

White supremacy and capitalism are interwoven systems that have strategically prevented Black, Indigenous, People of Color communities from accumulating wealth and access to land.
Collective Efforts

Collective Efforts

Reparations are needed at a systemic level, and must occur within larger collective efforts of acknowledgment, repair and cessation of harm.

Redirecting Money Flow

We believe in redirecting the flow of wealth and decision-making power to communities most impacted by oppression as an essential step towards systemic transformation.

Take action with a Gift

Living in the gift

Join the movement of healing money today by taking part in mutual support and solidarity by gifting to ERE. We welcome, with gratitude, monthly donations, small and large contributions, and the generous act of passing on our work to your networks. We are so thankful for your contributions.

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